This is three round bottom flasks with large green leaves hanging on a wooden tray it has a perfect shiny surface and leaves are arranged on the wooden tray Our flask planters have great Minimal style up and looking of modernity are perfect home décor products for all spaces like living room, outdoor, indoor place this ideal home décor products to be kept on your side table, windows, or even home anywhere, this flask planters usually great sense of stylish and charmable in shape it just a beautiful products you can decorate your home and office in a way of Minimalism. 


Homey Domey brings this product's flask planter in three types: single double and triple round bottom flask planter. It ‘s all that more attractive and charmable.

How to Style Your Flask Planter in Your Living Room or Indoor Home Décor

  • You can style in front of the windows in your living room It’s looks beautiful in front of the windows, 
  • You can style up in home outdoor place Good lighting is important for its styling as the glass flask gives a surreal effect in good sunlight
  • You Can be styled with small planters on your study desk
  • You Can be kept on your side tables along with books and other small accent pieces.
  • Goes very well with modern décor and furniture pieces.
  • Flowers and colored stones in the flask can be a stunning addition for its styling.
  • You can style by concept of Minimalism 

You can style by concept of Minimalism

About concept of Minimalism that we can Style up Flask Planter Minimalism (The art Movement)

Minimalist interior design is very similar to modern interior design and involves using the bare essentials to create a simple and uncluttered space. The style of minimalism is a design approach that is characterized by austerity and laconism in decoration                                        

Style up Flask Planter by Our Customers

There are many customers purchasing our Flask Planter. You can see how to use our customer flask planter. Customers suggest our products can be used for Office, Home, Outdoor, anywhere can use and décor with the flask planter This flask planter with a wooden stand is a stylish and creative green home décor for your bookshelf, café or office. 

 It can also be a perfect gift for your beloved one! Wooden texture combined with round glass planters gives your home a luxurious look, fits in any space like balcony, bedroom, kitchen and living room.

Used by @blissful.living12


This is used by our customer Triple Flask Planter with money plants. Using the table and looking beautiful you can see how expressive that will decorate your wood table and oriented with plants in the triple layered glass flask planter with the Green money plant has large green heart-shaped leaves. It has a leathery, shiny surface and the leaves are arranged alternately on long leaf-stalks.

Used by @yashikabakshi


This is a Double Flask Planter used by our customer which is decorated on the table with the Money Plants. It just looks like a Minimalism design looking attractive.

Used by @gharonda9

This is a Single Flask Planter purchased from Homey Domey and used on the morning coffee table which looks more expressive and authentic on the table with coffee. Book , flowers, and single flask planter with money plant it’s designed with multi items on the table.

Used By @avipshathakur


See this flask planter used on the bedside table which is a wood hanging triple flask planter and this is looking cultured and classically decorated on the table inside the home round bottom flasks hanging on a wooden tray, perfect for those science enthusiasts! Perfect to display artificial as well as indoor plants and flowers.

Used By @prats_interior_designs 


Here Single Flask Planter decorated and Style up on the table with the coffee tray, flowers and books it’s just a look like fancy and classical designs, it’s decorated in the living room,

Have a look at the dimensions of the flask planters below

This beautiful home décor flask planter comes in 3 different options: Triple Flask Planter (with 3 round flasks hanging on a wooden stand), Double Flask Planter (with 2 round flasks hanging on a wooden stand), Single Flask Planter (with 1 round flasks hanging on a wooden stand).

  • Single Flask Planter: 1 flask (16*14*12cm)
  • Double Flask Planter: 2 flasks (21*14*12cm)
  • Triple Flask Planter: 3 flasks (28*14*12cm) 

Single Flask Planter


Wood-based Flask planter that is ever so delicate in design allowing for decorative overtones to enhance your living space.

This one is a single Flask Planter strategic use of wood and single round furnace glass for this extraordinary plant stand and the glass planter itself ensures that the look and feel of the luxury product is maintained. This one represents the concept of minimalism.

Double Flask Planter


Triple Flask Planter



  • Exquisite and elegant workmanship
  • Minimalist style
  • Screw enabled, adjustable height
  • DIY assembly
  • Beautiful décor piece-minimum elements
  • Works best for water plants
  • Color – Teakwood
  • Material – Wood, Glass, Metal
  • Dimensions – Three Types of Dimensions (Single, Double Triple) 

Handmade products always add charm and warmth to your home. These planters are such a great way to décor your balcony with hanging plants and it is totally inexpensive. It is such fun to make and requires no professional knowledge. Vertical gardens with plastic bottles can be created in the same way and you can utilize the vertical space in your apartment or balcony.

Hydroponic Planter with mini bulb shape vase with wooden stand. Smooth surface, beautiful shape.

Material: Made of natural wood; Great for floral arrangement, home decoration as well as various gift ideas

Easy to set up and pour water, just take off the glass bottles directly and easily. It’s easy to clean with a small brush and toothpaste. Younger plants, a variety of flowers and miniature ferns.